Manos del Peru produces women's clothing and accessories that are luxurious, chic & high quality carefully crafted in a sustainable environment that promotes work opportunities for our artisans. Whether handloom, hand knitted (two-needles or crochet) or industrial woven, our artisan-inspired alpaca sweaters, peruvian pima knitwear dresses, tops, skirts & more, provides our customer the highest value.
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Featured Collection Pili Kukurelo 


Fine details. Soft, woven fabrics. Graceful, flowing lines. Introducing a new eponymous collection, inspired by a multicultural heritage and imbued with a free, cosmopolitan spirit.


Luxuriously Soft
Traditionally Handcrafted


Manos del Peru brings you luxurious 100% natural fabrics and unique, limited-edition designs, woven and stitched by local artisans in Peru. A commitment to superior quality and social responsibility form the foundation of our business. We take pride in offering products that are fairly traded, ecologically sound, and enduringly beautiful.


Our Artisans


Our artisans employ traditional techniques such as hand-crocheting and weaving, infusing each piece with individual style and heritage.